Adjustable Groin Helix Compression Wrap -Case Study

 I recently had a patient come in with left hip pain.  She is in her mid-forty’s and a high level tennis player.  Her MRI shows a definitive hip labral tear.  She also has a history of Osteitis Pubis which is an inflammatory process commonly seen in athletes and in women after childbirth.  Both of these conditions are causes for hip pain into the groin region.  Labral tears also commonly cause painful catching or clicking with movement and general stiffness in the hip joint.  While the patient is waiting on her appointment with an orthopedist specializing in hips, she has goals to continue to play tennis with a reduced pain level in the left hip.

Treatment Program

I designed a hip exercise program to focus on:

-Hip joint self-distraction using a large resistive band

-Bilateral hip stretching

-Bilateral hip strengthening.

-Hip and pelvic stability exercises

Because the patient is an athlete and continuing to play tennis, some of her strengthening exercises are done on one leg with a focus on stability. We also discussed that strengthening should be done in a way that protects the hip joint and to be careful to load the joint outside of tennis with jumping and running activities.

The patient was also given an adjustable groin helix brace by Body Helix to wear while playing tennis.


The patient reports a decrease in hip pain after two weeks of strengthening and working on mobility.  She feels that wearing the brace while playing tennis is very beneficial.  

“The compression the Body Helix brace provides, makes my hip feel more stable while on the tennis court and thus makes me feel more secure in my movement”.

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