At LKPC we develop conditioning programs to fit the athlete and their sport.  We help athletes understand the difference between practicing more in contrast to practicing more productively.  We incorporate stability training into the program.  When the stabilizers are active and strong the rest of the body can utilize greater loads during training.   For an athlete who is serious about their support, an injury is an enormous setback both physically and mentally. Our objective is to modify injury risk.

In all sports, mental strength is what separates the elite group from the other athletes. At LKPC we work on mental conditioning in order for our athletes to perform freely. 

Athletes who PERFORM FREELY:

  • Know how to view high-pressure situations as opportunities
  • Know how to deal with distractions 
  • Know how to avoid result oriented focus 
  • Know how to combat performance fears

We teach techniques that facilitate staying calm and loose during competition. While we can’t always control what happens to us in life or in the sports arena, we teach our athletes that they do have control over their reactions to their circumstances.


At LKPC we strive to grow balanced kids.  Our youth faces the challenge of early sports specialization.   Early specialization may result in a few highly skilled athletes who turn professional at a young age, but for the majority of kids the result is an incomplete set of motor skills and lack of confidence in multiple gross motor skills.

We believe in developing strong, confident, balanced children.

We use Integrated Listening Systems/iLs to improve attention, mental acuity and motor coordination in the classroom. See the blog post for more information on iLs.

It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken adults.

— F. Douglass


At LKPC we love working with our older adults and consider them athletes in training.  Our workouts build strength, power and agility and empower our clients to regain confidence in movement.  

We believe that functional movement training is especially important in this population and will help us remember that age is but a number and healthy can last a lifetime. While we we respect the senior body and understand it’s unique needs, we don’t shy away from working hard and setting goals. At LKPC we address issues of edema, stiffness, soreness and weakness before they result in a fall. Our ultimate goal is for older adults to have the most active quality of life possible.