Walking Wounded Athletes Love Body Helix Braces -by Lizl Kotz


The dictionary defines “the walking wounded” as people who have been injured in battle who are still able to walk.

The first time I played in a tennis tournament as a non-junior player, I immediately felt at home.  I gratefully smelled the love for tennis in the air and realized, once a tennis-nut, always a tennis-nut.  At the same time my eyes stretched into saucers as I took in the scene.  Players ranging in age from 35-85 years of age, battling it out for hours.  Because of my professional background  in physical therapy, I could truly appreciate the durability of the human body.  Granted, many of the players were limping around after their marathon matches with white calloused feet, void of toenails, Body Helix brace in hand.  

Body Helix manufactures their compression wraps in Greensboro, NC.  The company was founded by world-ranked tennis player, Fred Robinson who teamed up with Thomas E. Parker, MD to develop a brace based on the science of movement and research findings on injury management.

Compression feels great and accelerates recovery from injury.  Benefits include: less swelling, increased lymph flow to aid in the regeneration process, increased blood flow enhancing oxygen delivery to injured tissue and psychologically, it makes the injured body part feel safe and secure.

I have used and recommended Body Helix braces at different stages of injury.  Compression along with ice is key in the initial stages of an acute injury to limit fluid buildup which has been shown to slow down the healing process.  Compression is also great for minor injuries and can keep injuries from progressing into a severe injuries.  Lastly, post-op patients who are ninety percent recovered also benefit from wearing a compression wrap as they test the waters when first resuming their sport.  In short, as the Body Helix company motto goes: “Body Helix helps the active stay active”.

At Lizl Kotz Performance, we are passionate about movement and how it benefits the human body and mind.  I am grateful to have such a great product to use and recommend to my patients.  Body Helix braces are extremely comfortable to wear and easy to care for.  It’s no wonder that the walking wounded use these braces to keep them walking.

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