What is Bowenwork and Why I Love It - by Liz McNulty

"Bowenwork is a great treatment choice for patients who feel that their bodies are stuck in a pain cycle." - Lizl Kotz 

"Bowenwork is a great treatment choice for patients who feel that their bodies are stuck in a pain cycle." - Lizl Kotz 


I am a speech language pathologist and for 10 years I worked with patients recovering from brain injuries and stroke. During those 10 years, I was continually inspired by patients beating the odds of their prognosis. Patients who fought back from comas and debilitating physical and cognitive impairments to becoming independent and “bright eyed” once again. I always wondered, “how does the body heal, regenerate and find balance.” Then I discovered Bowenwork. I immediately changed my career to become a practitioner and now 5 years later I’m still in awe as I witness in client after client the body’s ability to heal itself. 

Bowenwork therapy is a manual technique that stimulates communication between the nervous system and the myofascial system. Bowen therapy involves gentle, yet powerful movements over muscles, tendons and ligaments. These precise movements unwind fascia and release muscle tension. The impulses created from each move send a neurologic signal to the brain, stimulating the body to reset, recharge and heal itself. The process is very gentle and does not require inflicting pain or force to achieve results. 

A Bowenwork session rebalances the autonomic nervous system. When someone lives with chronic pain, has repetitive stress injuries, daily headaches or insomnia their bodies are stuck in “fight/flight/freeze” mode...the circuitry is locked in a pain-spasm loop. The precise Bowenwork moves stimulates the proprioceptors in the muscle tissue, creating a message that alerts the nervous system that the "emergency is over." The autonomic nervous system shifts into “rest/digest/repair” mode. Once the body recognizes that it no longer needs to be stuck in this locked state, it begins to heal and the muscle tension is reset.

One of the many reasons I love practicing Bowenwork is seeing clients empowered when they themselves witness their bodies healing. Too often our medical culture is seeking either a pill or a health professional to “fix” the problem.  Bowenwork’s gentle technique is appropriate for babies and the elderly and very effective for assisting athletes in recovery from training and preventing injuries. Common ailments that benefit from Bowenwork range from back, neck, knee pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel, migraines, fibromyalgia, insomnia, anxiety, and plantar fasciitis. 

I practice out of Blue Heron Acupuncture in West Ashley. Please feel free to call me to learn more about Bowenwork.  



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