Beth Maynor
Physical Therapist
Former Collegiate Tennis Player

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working alongside Lizl for over 20 years- from watching her play collegiate tennis for University of Indiana, to completing physical therapy school together, then on to competing as doubles partners and working on several performance improvement tennis projects off the court together. She personifies excellence in each and every endeavor she undertakes and I am always inspired by the specific ways she works to achieve her goals. She embodies that rare combination of excellence along with a compassion and a desire to help others. It is exciting to think of the many ways lives will be blessed by working with Lizl!"


Dana Crater, MD

Dana Crater testimonial for Lizl Kotz Performance Center
"Lizl is an incredibly thoughtful and compassionate friend. She genuinely cares about the details of my day, and offers prayers and encouragement for the difficult times, and truly shares my happiness and excitement when good things happen to me or anyone in my family.

There is not an unkind bone in Lizl’s body.  And she shows care and interest for everyone she meets, whether for the first time or for an old friend. She is such a good listener, and people often feel an instant connection with her because of her genuine sincere interest in them. 

She has an admirable and strong faith in God, and I believe stemming from this is her deep desire to make a difference and help others, in any small or big way that she is able to.  I have seen her over the past 15 years do this, even when she was so busy with her own for children, just by selflessly taking the time for friends, family, neighbors, friends of friends… Whether they needed a listening ear, a helping hand, advice on their children, or for help with injuries or sports-related questions.  She constantly puts others’ needs before her own. 

She is also highly focused and goal-oriented, and I feel she will make each patient a priority in dedicating whatever time it takes to achieve that person’s goals. 

It has been fun to watch her develop and grow this idea for her business, which perfectly combines her years of mastery of mental and physical performance, her physical therapy training, her experience with raising children who are athletes and children with ADHD, along with her genuine compassion for others and desire to make a difference in someone’s life."


George Jarck
Former World Ranked Tennis Professional
25 Year Real Estate Business Owner

"Lizl Kotz is one of those people whose presence and energy is immediately felt when she enters a room or walks onto a tennis court. What I know about Lizl is she is passionate about life, her family, tennis, and her profession. Lizl is always seeking to improve through her relentless pursuit of best practices, knowledge, and by surrounding herself with positive like-minded people. I have witnessed her drive and work ethic on the tennis court and it is because of this that she is among the best players in the country and among her peers. The level of caring, intensity, and desire to be the best are characteristics you find in people who are at the top of their profession and living a full and exciting life."


Pamela P.
Former client

"I know that the first rule of training is not to get attached to your trainer, but I fear I broke that rule long ago. I just wanted to take a few moments to tell [Lizl] what a joy and pleasure it has been to work with [her] and get to know [her].
When [Lizl and I] met, I was just getting through the anniversary of the first year of my mother's death. My life had been difficult for a long while but significantly more so after the true reality of my loss hit me...I decided to make a move into a new exercise level. By some way, I am still not sure of, I found [Lizl]. 
In the months to follow, [Lizl] became such a positive part of my life. Our sessions were ALWAYS something I could look forward to no matter what else was going on. [Her] teaching abilities, perception and expertise are extraordinary. [She] knew when to push and when to pull back. And [she] did it all with a grace and style that are beyond compare! When I got to the top of the mountain, [she] was there!
I want [Lizl] to keep this letter from one of [her] adoring clients...[she] can read this again and know what a wonderful person [she] is and what a difference [she] made in one person's life.
Again, I thank [Lizl] for all [she] has done for me and most of all for just being [her]!